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Ideas for your live wedding ceremony music

Give your ceremony a touch of class with our classical and contemporary wedding musicians

Published: 02 Jan 20

Wedding venues: what you need to know before booking

About to book your venue? If live music is important to you, read our checklist first!

Published: 02 Jan 20

Sound limiter at a wedding venue

Sound limiters and function bands - what you need to know

Does your venue have a noise limiter? It's essential you check before you book - here's our advice

Published: 02 Jan 20

Planning a wedding with live music: what you need to know

Some tips and logistical advice when planning how to have live music at your wedding

Published: 02 Jan 20

Down for the Count's roaming acoustic musicians for hire

Bring your event to life with our fabulous interactive roaming bands

Published: 01 Jan 20

15 Years of Down for the Count in Photos

2020 is our 15th year and it's been a fabulous journey - here's our story in photos!

Published: 01 Jan 20

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